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Fintech Investments

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SmartWage is a social impact start-up which gives employees access to their salaries and wages as they have earned them. SmartWage is on a mission to become South Africa’s most affordable and accessible payday solution.


Our purpose is to:

  • Eradicate payday loans

  • Educate people about managing their money


At Collab, we believe that debt recovery is more than just numbers and dates … it’s also people. With technology, tools and human support, we establish WHY your customers are struggling to pay. 


WHAT we can do to help them manage their repayments. And, HOW to use that data to help you track their repayments, and ensure they remain loyal customers.


Bettr is a digital banking platform for the next generation.

  • No Monthly Account Fees

  • No Bricks 'n Mortar Branches

  • One View Of All Your Money

  • Collaborative, Open And Transparent


uKheshe is a micro transaction platform that allows you to pay and #getpaid. It’s unlike any eWallet or QR payment service as it works with your lifestyle, not the other way around. uKheshe is now Masterpass certified which means it can accept payment from Zapper, Snapscan and most banking apps. Just look out for the Masterpass logo.


Comcorp is an innovative software company located in Fourways, South Africa. Comcorp was founded in 1994 and designs, develops and operates various proprietary software services which collectively run over our Secure Data Exchange known as Comcorp Secure-X™.


Comcorp Secure-X™ encompasses a number of products designed to enhance business processes in the financial services sector in an automated and secure way. The product benefits include fraud prevention, customer value enhancement and process efficiency gains.


Investing is for rich guys in suits and fancy cars, right? Absolutely not! We believe that investing is for everyone.

Franc was born in 2018 when an engineer, an actuary, an investment guru and a tech wizz shared a common idea of making investing affordable, accessible and social.

With the Franc app, anyone can now invest in leading cash and equity funds in just a few minutes. No minimums. No paperwork. No fine print. Just the way investing should be: smart, simple and Franc.

Exited Investments/Projects



Payflex will revolutionize POS finance in SA
​Payflex integrates with online retailers to provide customers with point-of-sale finance at check-out:

Strong customer value proposition:

  • Spread the cost of a purchase over 4 instalments and 6 weeks at no additional cost (zero interest, zero fees)

  • Quick and easy application process, as no NCA affordability requirements

Strong merchant value proposition:


  • Increase sale and conversion metricsby 20% - 25% (proven in other markets) for a small additional cost


Affordability - a solution to ensure responsible lending

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK released two papers in 2017 on affordability and financial distress (OP28 and CP17/27). Lenders are using data from CRA's and metrics that are not entirely suitable for determining affordability, which is leading to default and resultant financial distress.

We have a developed a solution that will provide real time affordability information to be used by lenders, in addition to existing data sources. The solution proposes using open banking/PSD2 to extract borrowers transactional data to provide an accurate assessment of their affordability. We have been approved to test the solution in the FCA's regulatory sandbox.

Incubation Projects

Business Meeting

Financial Wellness

With the use of innovative technology, FW will proactively determine the “Financial stress levels“ of Employees, and in so doing, provide “Customizable" interventions that improve the Employees Financial Wellbeing, leading to enhanced physical and financial health.


This solution is modeled on salary finance ( and wagestream ( in the UK, which are designed to prevent employees from getting into debt and possible financial distress

DIGIDEEDS - Modernising South Africas state provided housing registry

The current deeds distribution system is inefficient, cumbersome and costly. It is estimated that the backlog of title deeds for RDP homeowners is 900,000, and the current system is not capable of dealing with this increased volume.

The solution is a transparent, digitised title deeds registry, to be built on the ethereum blockchain, that’s accessible to the public and easily verifiable by trusted officials.

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